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1. Verbiage (Hefeweizen style ale) | 4.6% ABV

Notes of banana and bubblegum rounded out with a lemony clove finish. $3(5oz) $6(14oz)

2. Siren (Kolsch style ale) | 5.8% ABV

A mild beer with notes of bread dipped in honey and berry fruit, finishes crisp and dry. $3(5oz) $6(14oz)

3. Pong (Cream ale) | 5.4% ABV

Beer with fruity esters and low levels of corn sweetness. Moderately hoppy with firm bitterness lending notes of herbal tea. $3(5oz) $6(14oz)

4. Darker Side (Dunkleweizen style ale with plum puree) | 9.1% ABV

A non-traditional take on the style, this beer is conditioned on plum puree contributing juicy bright flavor upfront that leads straight into strong bubblegum notes followed by a dry finish. $4(5oz) $8(10oz)

5. Purgatorio (Gose style ale with pineapple puree and grapefruit var. peppermint leaves) | 4.9% ABV

A kettle soured beer conditioned on pineapple puree and grapefruit mint straight from the garden. Lemony and bright, with pineapple and pithy grapefruit notes. Pink Himalayan salt lends a brackish quality with a touch of mint perceptible on the finish. $3(5oz) $7(14oz)

6. Scope Creep (Cream ale with hibiscus and pink guava puree) | 5.4% ABV

Cream ale provides the perfect canvas for this tropical treat. A pure pink guava party that finishes with crisp tartness from the addition of hibiscus. $3(5oz) $7(14oz)

7. Green Magus (IPA with cardamom) | 5.1% ABV

Dry hopped with Altus and Amarillo hops we're getting floral notes, pineapple, mango, grapefruit, pine, resinous diesel, and to top it off a little peak of the malt backbone in what can be described as sweet cereal. With a creamy mouthfeel this IPA is American in execution so you can expect some nice bitterness. $4(5oz) $7(14oz)

8. Vows (Belgian style ale with chamomile and cinnamon) | 5.3% ABV

A beer originally prepared for a special friend's special day. This belgian style ale begins with classic fruity esters and finishes with bright floral and warming baking spice notes from the addition of chamomile and cinnamon. $3(5oz) $7(14oz)

9. Side Hustle (Belgian style ale with dates cofermented with wine yeast) | 3.5% ABV

Aside from carbonation this presents as a light white wine. Slight wisps of sulfur reveal a crisp dry ale with stonefruit and melon notes and a touch of minerality in the finish. $3(5oz) $7(14oz)

10. Fawn River (Brown Porter) | 4.2% ABV

Brown Porter featuring malt exclusively from Deer Creek Malthouse in PA. This porter features notes of light biscuit, toast, chocolate and coffee roast. Rounded with hop bitterness this porter starts sweet and finishes with a pleasant dryness. $3(5oz) $7(14oz)

11. Lil Fang (Petite IPA) | 4.9% ABV

Hopped with Comet and Ahtanum this nimble IPA has notes of lime zest, citrus dreams, bubblegum and custard kisses with a touch of cracker malt in the finish. Well hopped with a pillowy body and nice tight dry finish. $3(5oz) $7(14oz)

12. Intra (Young Saison with wrangled wild yeast) | 3.7% ABV

Brewed with lemon peel and black pepper, this beer was fermented with yeast cultivated from flowers in our yard as well as fruit obtained during our anniversary. With a special rustic oomph only wild yeast can provide, we have notes of sitting in a field of flowers, shooting your shot, and trying to live your best life. $3(5oz) $7(14oz)


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