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2. Scapegoat (Mild) | 4.2% ABV

A malty sweet beer with light notes of toffee, toast, nuts, and slight coffee roast. $3(5oz) $6(14oz) $8(19oz)

3. Muffled (Saison) | 4.5% ABV

Rustic yeast brings that pleasant farmhouse funk. A dance of fall apple cider, roasty gourdy goodness and earthen husks of past lives lived. Zippy bursts of citrus with a tight twang. $4(5oz) $7(14oz)

4. Starscourge (Juicy DIPA) | 8.1% ABV

Bright tropical candy fruit flavors and aromas of pineapple, pear, watermelon, and stone fruit. $4(5oz) $8(10oz)


6. Grimoire Weiss (Berliner Weiss style ale with white sage and dry hopped with Comet) | 3.8% ABV

A sour ale with additions of white sage and comet hops. A little funk with bursts of lemon and lime notes. Finishes dry with hints of doughy bread.  $3(5oz) $7(14oz)

7. Get Comfortable (Whimsical English Ale) 5.25% ABV

An English yeast strain pushed to maximize fruity esters with an addition dark cherry and a touch of vanilla. We get aromas of strawberry, cherry, and toaster strudel. Tastes of strawberry and cherry, with a nice cracker finish and touch of spice from the addition of flaked rye. $3(5oz) $6(14oz) $8(19oz)

8. Cottontail (Pub Ale) | 4.5% ABV

Malt forward with soothing flavors of bread, biscuit, and toast balanced with with the earthyness of Fuggle hops. Featuring all English ingredients. $3(5oz) $6(14oz) $8(19oz)

9. Purgatorio (Gose Sour Ale) | 5.6% ABV

Coriander doubles down with the lactic acid to bring the lemon tartness. Then the banana and vanilla come in to smooth out the tartness with a pop of nana candy goodness. Salt brings that gatoradian flourish with a cracker/biscuit finish. $4(5oz) $7(14oz)

10. Swirls (Stout w/ cacao) | 8.7% ABV

We're getting the deepest of chocolates, a hint of cherry and some nice residual sweetness. $4(5oz) $8(10oz)

11. Dark Forest (Belgian Stout) | 4.7%

On first sip you'll experience a wave of red fruit, a hint of coffee roast and a touch of bakers chocolate. As you get acquainted with the drink the underlying sweetness and silky smooth body take control with the estery red fruit notes riding shotgun. $3(5oz) $7(14oz) $9(19oz)

12. Wyzen (Weizenbock (Dark Wheat)) | 6.2% ABV

Subtle notes of banana/clove from the yeast, and caramel, raisin, bready wheat from the malt. It's a nice companion for these dreary days. $3(5oz) $6(14oz) $9(19oz)


Native Prick (Hard Seltzer with Prickly Pear Cactus) | 8% ABV

Did you know the prickly pear cactus is NJ's native cactus? We're getting notes of watermelon rind, kiwi, herbaceous earth, and star fruit. Slightly tart, this seltzer gives off impressions of a lower abv rosé. (single/4pk)

Drown in the Sea of Imaginary Numbers (Tart/Brett Ale) | 4.8% ABV

Ale fermented & aged in red wine barrels from Valenzano winery using Brettanomyces. Further aging was done on blueberries from Hammonton NJ and organic lavender from Bluestem Botanicals located in Doylestown PA. (16.9oz)


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