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Native Prick (Hard Seltzer with Prickly Pear Cactus) | 8% ABV

Did you know the prickly pear cactus is NJ's native cactus? We're getting notes of watermelon rind, kiwi, herbaceous earth, and star fruit. Slightly tart, this seltzer gives off impressions of a lower abv rosé. (single/4pk)

Gremlin Soiree (Sour Ale w/ Pinot Noir Grapes & Hibiscus) | 4.5% ABV

A fusion of flavors found in wine and beer. Sour with bright jammy notes of raspberry and cherry. Tart hibiscus with touches of vanilla from the oak foeder. (750ml)

Time Spent (Table Saison) | 3.5% ABV

Table saison fermented with out captured saison culture and conditioned on whole cluster Chardonnay grapes. We're getting subtle notes of funk, green apple, pleasant lemon tartness, with crisp minerality. A perfect companion while eating charcuterie while trying to pronounce charcuterie. (16.9oz)

If I May Shed Away My Burden Now (Saison) | 5.4% ABV

Initially fermented with Kveik yeast in wine barrels this beer was moved to stainless and had handpicked NJ pears and figs added. The microbes from the fruit ate up the remaining sugars making this a refreshing dry sipper. Prior to bottling it was then dryhopped with goldenrod flowers. The resulting elixir is tart, zippy and citrusy, dry, with a touch of herbal pepper notes. (750ml)


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