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The Name...

To do something on a whim is typically understood as making a sudden decision without much thought being applied.

The thing is every decision undertaken at the brewery has too much thought being applied to it, obnoxiously so. But it is our nature.

Being consumed in thought, planning, and execution leaves little time for outside discussion or premature sharing. Everything is fluid and nothing is promised.

When the idea comes to fruition and is finally presented it appears to be done on a whim. The presentation belies the fact that what is given is the culmination of many hours of thoughtful work.

Nothing is ever truly done on a whim.


Quick Story

Whims Brewing is led by Dorien, and like many breweries the story starts with being introduced to homebrewing by friends. While his friends with more sense kept it as a hobby he was entirely consumed.

Joining homebrew clubs, winning competitions, creating guest beers at breweries, working at a professional brewery and becoming a beer judge are all a part of the journey that led to the formation of Whims.

The beer

How we make and design beer is different from beer to beer. It could be in strict adherence to style guidelines, it could be a mashup of historical references with new industry processes, it may even be left to the wild will of the world with a slight guiding hand.

Regardless, everything we produce is our love letter to beer and to you.


We hope in our own minor way to be something that brings you both joy and comfort.

As always, thank you for choosing to spend your time with us.

See you in the taproom!

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